Art-A-Day wrap up for 2013

I blinked and 2013 was gone.

As 2013 drew to a close my life became increasingly busy. Seasonal activities included the annual production of my holiday card design. I produce about 100 cards by hand each year. I usually cut a block to print in a key color and then hand color with watercolor. A pair of cedar waxwings proved to be a challenge in the watercoloring step. Those birds are very colorful. You can see the result — the last image in the set below.

Art-a-day really slowed down after Thanksgiving because of the cardmaking and school semester wrap up. Even so, I have a fair amount I did since the last post. You can see the images below. Click on one and it will open a slide show.

2014 began with a trip out to California to visit family and friends. It was a relaxing week away from the harsh weather of Minnesota and my ongoing work for my teaching.

Then back to the grindstone to prepare my classes for the semester. I dug in for days on end at my desk and in books to prepare projects, lectures and demonstrations. I am still at it as we dip into the third week of classes. The preparations are more intense than usual for me with 6 classes, three of which are new to me. Consequently, any art making has taken a back seat.

Art-A-Day was a wonderful project for me in 2013. I produced a total of 284 pieces of art. Luckily they are mostly quite small or I would have a bit of a storage problem. I posted all of them on my facebook page and now with this entry, on this blog. The responses from my followers were wonderful and motivating. I felt the project brought me closer to some people. It was a great way to be connected. People were very encouraging and that really made it even better.

I have decided not to continue the Art-A-Day project in 2014. Though it was a great project, it was demanding and the way my schedule is now, I don’t think I can keep up with that kind of project. I will still make art, and post about it. But it won’t have a project name or goal. Art-A-Day is not dead, however. I may resurrect it another time under another name. You’ll just have to stay posted to find out what and when that will be.