Late Fall Reflections on Art-A-Day

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. I have had a busy week. As I relax after all the preparations for the big T day, I can pause and reflect on all I am truly thankful for. I am most thankful for friends and family, a comfortable home, and a steady income. There are many less fortunate people and this is humbling. Art-making is indeed a luxury I am truly thankful for.

A year ago I started a daily drawing practice. Though it has not been possible to draw every day, the ritual led me to more art-making than I ever did in my past. To be more productive was one of my goals, and through the impetus of an Art-A-Day I got a big boost toward that goal. I’m still seeking some direction for my studio practice. I remain unfocused and I am now OK with that. It may take more doing to relieve my loss of direction.

One thing I neglected to post was about my exhibit at Penny George Institute for Health and Healing at Abbot Hospital in Minneapolis. The show just came down a week ago. The same work will be exhibited at Colonial Church in Edina from December 15 to January 31. You can visit the church to see my work in their vast hallway spaces. Stay tuned for a press release.

A 2013 comes closely to an end, I am considering what I will do for 2014. I could continue the Art-A-Day practice. But I’m all for new challenges and I have a lot of ideas floating around. One is portraits, another is something alphabetical with storytelling. Stay tuned for news of my next venture.

Here are the results of art-a-day since my last post in September. Click on any image to begin a slide show.