Art-A-Day Update and More

Over a month has passed since my last Art-A-Day project post. I have had good response on the Facebook posts. People like, comment, etc. I’m tracking the likes and comments and plan to do a “best of” type of entry at some point – definitely at the end of the year.

As I draw every day, even though it may not seem like it to the outsider, I am exploring ideas for larger work. The sketches I am doing for the Art-A-Day are generally 6×9. These are only part of what I plan to work out in a larger format of up to 30×40 inches.

I have been studying textile design for a number of years and though I have made some work related to this, I have not exhausted my interest. From the library where I work at Dakota County Technical College, they often have book discards. These are perfectly good books that might be damaged or have been replaced by new editions. Recently I acquired a tome from these discards on Textile Designs. The book has excellent photo references of textile designs from the past 200 years. It is a wonderful anthology, a treasure trove of ideas and endless possibilities for exploration. Many of my drawings in the Art-A-Day project have been derived from the discoveries I made in this book. I am interested in exploring ways to incorporate some of the techniques of textile printing into monotype printed works in the studio including stencil, block prints, batik, etc. Maybe you can see where I might go with this. As it develops, I hope to post about the progress.

Here’s a gallery of January and February art-a-day entries. Click on any image to see the slide show.